How IREA works for YOU

Professional Loyalty and Advocacy

The problem of one member or ten members has the support of your IREA colleagues. Our negotiation and  grievance processes ensure that every small group within the bargaining unit is represented.

Contract Negotiations

Our negotiation teams represent your concerns about salary, benefits, and working conditions by monitoring and enforcing negotiated contracts.


Members receive IREAction, the IREA newsletter, as well as frequent updates on important issues. Members also receive, on a monthly basis, the Today newspaper from NEA and the Action newspaper from DSEA.

Student Scholarship

The IREA has a yearly scholarship fund which is awarded to members or children of members who are entering the field of education.

Political Clout

The IREA works with DSEA to advance educational issues both at the state and local level. They also work actively to elect pro-educational candidates to local, state, and national offices. In addition, the IREA has sponsored several receptions for Indian River’s school board to promote better and continued communication.

Educator Appreciation

Each year the Membership and Government Relations Committees recognize the members who have helped to attain the yearly goals of the organization.

Influence Through Input

The IREA appoints members to district and state committees and voices members’ concerns during building and district liaison meetings. In addition, the IREA has a regular speaking slot on the local school board’s monthly agenda.


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