Job Openings


January 2016 February 2016 March 2016 April 2016 May 2016 June 2016
Chief Custodian HE

Chief Custodian L.B. (Internal Only)

Nutrition Service Worker 3 hr (3)

Custodian F.T. Night IR

 Secretary SMS

Secretary SS

Custodian P.T. night, GE

Custodian F.T. day, MMS

Custodian F.T. Night SS

Nutrition Service Worker 3 hr GM GE


 Current 2016 Postings

Secretary LNE (Internal Only)

Principal Sudlersville Elementary

HTE 2016 Summer Positions

Custodian Clayton Elementary

Music Teacher KC 32016

 Nutrition Service Worker 2016 2017

Summer Temp Hourly Para Educators

Summer Temp Hourly Teachers

Summer Temp Hourly Teachers

Food Service Summer HTE

Summer Teacher and Tutor SS 2016

Secondary Literacy Coach (Caroline County)

Elementary School Teaching/Counselor LNE

Bilingual School Community Liasion Clayton Elementary

Assistant Principal I.R.

Chief Custodian NG

 HVAC Plumber-HVAC Plumber Assistant-Electrician

Special Ed Social Studies IR

Para-Educator 5 2016

Agriculture Teacher SS 5 2016

Summer Bus Driver District

Occupational Therapist

Nutrition Services 2016

Chief HE and Custodian F.T. Day SS

Counselor PE at JMC

Counselor PE JMC

 Temp Summer Positions
July 2016 August 2016 September 2016 October 2016 November 2016 December 2016

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