IREA Officers and Executive Board*

*President: JR Emanuele         (SMS) 436-1020  

*Secretary: Traci Makowski    (SCHS) 934-3166

  Treasurer: Robin Alexander  (SCHS) 934-3166

Unit Vice Presidents

*Teachers: Linda Hockman   (GKC) 856-1946   

*Paras: Traci Makowski       (SCHS) 934-3166  

*Custodians: Bobby Bull      (GM) 856-1900    

*Secretaries: Connie Pryor   (PCS) 436-1040   


 Membership: Eric Tsavdar     (SMS) 436-1020  

 IREA Elections: Lynelle Hyland  (GE) 856-1940  

Legislative Action

Linda Hockman (GKC) 856-1946  

Sharon Breita     (IRHS) 732-1500

Cora Booth  (JMC) 732-3808 

Traci Makowski (SCHS) 934-3166

Wanda Williams (EM) 934-3222

Scholarship: Robin Alexander (SCHS) 934-3166 

Website: Rob Gibson (SCHS) 934-3166 

Policy: Linda Hockman (GKC) 856-1946         

Minority Action: Amy Johnson (CA) 732-3800

DSEA:  Uniserv: Wendy Cannon


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